Creator’s Update is Problem Free [BOOM]


Never tempt fate, I guess.

Spent my lunchbreak working on my Surface Book. Uninstalled Visual Studio after having failed to find the time to complete the Xamarin Challenge, got back to the office, installed the latest Creator’s Update update and drivers, rebooted and, because I was clearing space, ran Disk Cleanup. Rebooted.


The error: critical_service_failed. Couldn’t get into Windows, couldn’t get anywhere, really, the device was just stuck in a bootloop, tried to recover, and failed to do so, even with System Restore.

But it has at least given me a chance to test out Microsoft’s “Recover from the cloud.” 2 thumbs up on that: boot into recovery, give it the bitlocker unlock code and wifi credentials, and let it go. The down side is it wipes out Windows. So I get to be Paul’s anecdote of one, I guess: Creator’s Update seems to have blown up my Surface Book. The lack of other such reports suggests to me that I’m the outlier, this time. Probably payback for the problem free time I had with the Anniversary Update.

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  1. Polycrastinator

    It occurs to me that the cloud has made me a very lazy troubleshooter. There is a time I would try to fix this. But I can redownload everything I need faster. Office, work LoB apps, all my files are in OneDrive.. why would I bother?

  2. DavidSlade

    I have had this twice on my Surface Book. Managed to System Restore though each time. Never happened before Creators update.

    Fingers crossed that the latest updates have fixed this.

  3. MutualCore

    I'm going to check back in the middle of May to see if the major bugs are gone. I'm not updating to CU until that happens. There is nothing in particular I *need* from CU given I run f.lux on my Mac(run W10 inside a VM). Don't care about Paint 3D, Edge improvements or 'Game Mode'. Pretty much the only part I might care about is if it gives me the ability to indefinitely delay updates.

  4. Jules Wombat

    Edge no longer works for me (and a significant minority of others on User Voice have same Edge crashes) after Creators update, nor does Cortana. No great loss on either as now use FireFox.