Disabling Windows 10 Telemetry


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Disable Windows 10 Telemetary


The German BSI (Federal Department for Information and IT Security) made a study of the telemetry data system for Windows 10.

https://www.bsi.bund.de/DE/Themen/Cyber-Sicherheit/Empfehlungen/SiSyPHuS_Win10/SiSyPHuS_node.html (German language)

The project (SiSyPHuS Win10), named after the King of Ephyra (or Corinth)*, set about to investigate what telemetry data was being sent back to Microsoft by Windows 10 and how you can disable it, as required by law (in fact, in Germany it must be opt-in). The information must also be transparent (i.e. the user must be able to see what is being sent and, if it isn’t in plain language, it must be fully documented.

The aim of the study was to see if Windows 10 habit of blabbering back to HQ could be silenced, and to find out exactly what information was being sent.

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