Future of Windows 10 on ARM


Windows 10 will run on ARM. Full native for UWP and emulation for x86 apps.

Imagine late 2017 tablets & low-end PCs start shipping with SD835 which will be just below in raw performance to Intel Core i3 or Core M.


As you see the only real advantage the Core M has is clock frequency. But for tablets and low-end laptops like the HP Stream 11/13 does it really matter?

If this is what gets UWP development going than that’s what Microsoft is hoping for. If UWP becomes a ‘thing’ by 2018 than it justifies releasing premium Surface device on ARM that can make actual profits. 

Definitely MS playing the longer game here, but if UWP never reaches critical mass, it will all be for naught and MS will have to eventually scrap hardware and shift to being a pure-cloud services company.

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