Getting Windows Ready Don’t turn off your computer


Mammoth updates are go, of course. I installed to my desktop last night. After restarting, I saw the above message and the spinning circle of dots for fully 15 minutes before finally a percentage indicator kicked in. On my work desktop it was slightly faster (I presume because of the quicker SSD), and my Surface Book is currently sitting displaying the same message, and has been for the last few minutes.

I know it’s perhaps a little ridiculous to complain about how long this takes, but Microsoft really needs to give some indicator that things haven’t just hung, as they sometimes do. I work helpdesk, and after 5 minutes, I know users start calling. To have a static message, even with a spinning ring, for such a long period is unacceptable because people will understandably freak out. Hell, last night I almost hard booted my desktop myself, it seemed so improbable that something hadn’t gone wrong. Is this just a symptom of the growing size of cumulative updates? Are Microsoft going to get a handle on this? Do they even realize it’s a problem?

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