Granting Screen time with Microsoft Family


Not a big deal, but I have noticed that when I grant additional screen time to one of my kids, the message I get is that I’ve added X minutes of screen time and normal setting will resume at X time.  The strange thing is that the time it says it will resume is 2 hours before the time it should be.  I assumed it was that I had my time zone set wrong some where but it appears to be correct on the computers and on my Microsoft Account info.  Would there be a setting some where else that I’m missing that it could be getting the time zone from?  Thanks

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    I've noticed this recently too.  I think it is a bug in their site/service showing the time it is running in rather than the time of your locale.  It seems to work as expected--grants them the extra time and then reverts.  I just ignore the time it shows.

    Generally speaking, and crossing fingers, it appears to be working much better than it was in the Windows 7/8 days.  I can't tell you how many times it would tell my daughter her time was up when she hadn't even used the PC that day and was within the allowed time schedule.  I finally just disabled the time limits.