Groove: Syncing music library with OneDrive music folder = lost songs


Quite some time ago I set my music library to be the OneDrive music folder. The intent was that purchased songs would download locally to the default library, then sync to OneDrive for access from anywhere. This was a mistake.

Microsoft periodically scans OneDrive for certain files and deletes them based on copyright claims. Once the files on OneDrive are deleted, those changes sync back to your machine, resulting in the original (legally purchased) file being deleted.

Typically, when you’ve lost an original, you simply pop in to Groove and tell it to download the file again. But, in this case, those same files are then blocked from further download “at the request of the copyright holder”.

Anyone have any experience contacting Microsoft to be able to re-download Groove music, that has been removed due to a copyright claim?

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