Hands on Windows 10 Build 14965!


There are a TON of little features in this latest build of Windows 10. Let’s take a look!

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    ghostrider - 2 months ago

    FFS. That video is one of the dumbest I think I've ever seen by an author with about 1 brain cell. He can draw lines and circles (but can't actually draw), goes 'weeeeeeee' a lot and thinks things are 'interesting'. He's also clever enough to identify different colors!

    I managed to watch through 10 painful mins (just), before losing the will. If this is the 'creator's update', then it's all pretty lame, but obviously dooshbags like him think it's great. Seriously, Windows 10 - the O/S for morons. Stay away - far away.

    MS think we're *all* creators. Based on that video - we're not.

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      NazmusLabs - 2 months ago
      In reply to ghostrider:
      Thanks for your feedback! Here is a summery of what other things were new to this build that I demoed after the 10 minute mark:
      • Address bar on the registry with new shortcut text that you can type to quickly get to a particular section
      • Update to the bash Linux Command Line to allow you to launch Windows executables right from bash!
      • Ubuntu 16.04 release
      • Changes to the pwer user menu (Windows + X)
      • Changes to sticky notes to allow you to format text

      Thanks for watching.!