How to enable presentation mode in 1903?


How do you manually enable presentation mode in 1903?

Prior to 1903, you could enable presentation mode by searching for presentation, tapping the presentation settings that appeared, and enable presentation mode in the ancient dialog that displayed. In 1903, this no longer appears when searching. If I type in presentationsettings in search and then tap Enter on the run command option that appears, I’m told that presentation settings are only available on mobile PC’s (genius). I guess no one would ever present with a desktop.

I understand Microsoft is trying to be smarter about this, but sometimes you just want to manually enable this. In my case, I am using audio over HDMI and the audio stops when the display goes to sleep. Ouch, not good! I want to enable presentation mode while I have Spotify playing.

I have one of the NUCs Paul has been writing about. Intel put the AUX port on the front of the device. Logical I guess, but I’d like to have one on the rear so the wire runs straight to the hole in my desk for wires. USB to AUX are too fat for the NUC. So until I have a better solution, I’m just trying presentation mode.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Use the Power control panel and set the system to High Performance when you want to play some vidja. Set the screen to never blank in that power profile and never worry about it. :)

  2. Brett Barbier

    Does Win+P bring up the presentation options?

  3. Patrick3D

    There is a registry hack to enable mobility options on a desktop PC:


    SkipBatteryCheck DWORD

    1 = Enable


    RunOnDesktop DWORD

    1 = Enable

    After adding those 2 registry entries the presentationsettings command will open, no need to reboot.