Independent Virtual Desktops in Windows 11


I’ve just discovered that despite the very handy feature of “remembering” placement of opened apps on the external monitor when plugged back in to the laptop, there is another one missing – independent virtual desktops. Using “extended mode” for multiple displays, If I create a virtual desktop on one monitor, Windows creates also one on the external monitor. Furthermore, when I switch between virtual desktops on one monitor, it also does it on another one simultaneously. So in fact, Windows creates virtual desktops which are kind of common extended places consisting of multiple monitors. Truth to be said, this mode is also useful, however I need to have all my virtual desktops on all the monitors independent.

Is there any workaround in this regard? Or probably there are some settings in Windows 11 to enable “independent mode”?

P.S. I’m also curious whether Microsoft plans to implement such a feature in Widows 11. As far as I remember, in some insider build of Windows 10 (year ago or even earlier) this feature was being tested.

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  1. anoldamigauser

    This is tied to the feature for setting up multiple displays, which offers the option to duplicate the display or extend the display. The displays are not independent in either setting; there is a single extended desktop, or the same desktop is displayed on multiple monitors.

    I believe what you want to do is a recreational impossibility.

    • Holhorse

      " is a recreational impossibility."

      you're joking right? tell me you've never used anything better than windows without telling me.

      this has been a feature in Mac OS in Mac OS since 2012 and Linux forever.

      This is not "recreational" this is a MUST and it's ridiculous that it's not a windows feature.

  2. Steve Lesnyak

    well, I would like it to function like in Mac OS. It is also called "extended display" there, though the behaviour is independent - one may have multiple virtual desktops on either (or both) displays and switch between them independently. I prefer Windows overall but there are some neat features on Mac OS I find extremely convenient and would like to see in Windows as well.