Liking Windows 10


With Microsoft’s new push to unwittingly force users to Win10, I have a question for those here who use it – do you use Win10 because you actually like it and would choose it over other options, or do you use it because you have no other choice thanks to Microsoft and other factors outside your control? In other words, did you choose to use Win10, or were you forced to?

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  1. sherlockholmes

    I use it because Windows 7 is unsupported from now on. Linux isnt really an alternative for me. Windows 10 still has too many crap in it. Starting with build-in apps nobody uses, ads .....

    And Microsoft should finally admit that the Microsoft Store is a big failure and should remove it.

    And I know I will get some ( - ) for this but this is the reality we all live in. Microsoft wanted to give Windows away for free and then they noticed "Wait, how we get money from it in the future?" They should have thought about that from the beginning. Now they get on our nervs with ads and Updates twice a year.

  2. justme

    For my part, its a bit of both. I installed Windows 10 on a personal computer voluntarily (SP3) early last year because, as a PC gamer, in a couple years I wont have any choice - I wanted to work the kinks out of my own setup before it has to become my main OS. My main rig is Windows 8.1, and I have a few VMs running Linux. At home, Linux is a potential solution for me apart from gaming (at this point), but there are still a few nits I need to decide how to deal with - which is my biggest issue with Linux. I've used/worked with 10 in a work environment for quite a while now.

    Do I like 10? Not really, but I dont hate it either. Right now, I'll continue to run 8.1 because I have no desire or requirement to switch. My issues with 10 generally fall into the standard four catagories that Paul and the community here discuss quite a bit - telemetry, crapware, advertising, and updates.

  3. evox81

    I use it because I like it. No caveats... no qualifiers... no asterisks... I like it.

  4. kevin_costa

    I use it because I like it a lot (using W10 since day 1 and Windows since Win95), specially after I learned and practice with Windows Server features (AD, GPO, WSUS, etc). I've tried various Linux distros, and barely tried macOS (Macs in Brazil cost fortunes), but I never feel productive, satisfied, and I almost always had to compromise some program or feature to use another system. While Windows is a mess sometimes, Linux is messier in my opinion, because each distro has its own set of specific directories, commands, syntaxes, etc; and each program installs on different directories depending of the distro you're using (Apache is a classic example, good luck finding the config file).

    I like Windows 10 online integration and sync, and I rely on it daily. Windows 7/8.1, while better than linux to me, would make my life more difficult.

    I'm not against competing systems. I recognize the value of Linux on many situations, and I use it sometimes for specific tasks. The only thing I hate are the fanboys, of whatever team or side.

  5. rob_segal

    I like it better than macOS. Chrome OS isn't feature-rich enough for me and Android/iPad OS is too limiting. I wish Windows 10 had the same kind of consistency macOS does, but again, I still like it more. I don't mind the Store. I installed a handful of desktop apps through the store. I separate the Store from UWP apps. OneNote and Microsoft To Do are acceptable. The Mail and Calendar apps need a lot of work. Desktop apps from the Store are nice. If it was more focused on finding desktop apps and less UWP apps, it would be better.

  6. jimchamplin

    I like it, personally. It's not my favorite release - that would be Windows 2000 - but to me, the annoyances are fairly easily dealt with. Unfortunately its clumsily-cobbled-together feel detracts greatly. Both macOS and Windows 8.1 feel more cohesive. macOS is consistent throughout, and Windows 8's desktop is still uncorrupted by the tendrils of "Modern Design." Start8 essentially shields you from ever seeing Metro.

    Choose it? Yes. I'd choose it over Linux for my everyday use. Choose it over macOS? Hard to say. I love macOS but I don't love Apple. If I didn't already have a Macintosh, I probably wouldn't care, so yeah. I'd choose Windows 10 over a mac.

    • johannes

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Ah man, I still fondly remember booting into a fresh install of Windows 2000. So clean, so powerfull and I really miss that UI. Back then I tried other OS:es(which I compulsary still do) but wiping the disk and returning to Win2k always felt so right.

      Can I say the same thing about Windows 10? Sadly no, that feeling is long gone. I still much prefer it over macOS(mainly because of Finder which I Personally find inferior to File explorer, but I guess that's a workflow thing) I would still choose it over Linux but that also boils down to workflow, familiarity and tools(being a software dev mainly using Visual Studio. The one thing Linux gives me is that feeling that Windows 2000 gave me. That feeling of just installing the damn thing, booting up directly to login, no crazy setup steps enabling advertising ID, apps I dont want, telemetry etc. Then just logging in and the feeling of that it's just an OS and thats it, do what you want it's your computer. I miss that with Windows.

      Ok, reading the above I guess I'm a geek, but hey, so be it :)


  7. Alastair Cooper

    In reply to willc:

    They still sell licenses with most new PCs.

  8. bd305

    Use windows, like productivity apps, and one drive . Considered a Mac because we use iPhones and pads, but Mac version of quicken is inferior. Like it, don’t love it.

    downsides are random blue screen errors and update issues. And poor apps in the store.

  9. wright_is

    I use it because I like it, well, it is the least bad version of Windows.

    Only the telemetry gets on my nerves, but I check regularly that the DiagTrack service is disabled.

  10. wp7mango

    I use it because I like it. I have a Surface Pro 7 and a second desktop PC, and both are on Windows 10.

  11. hrlngrv

    Work doesn't count. One uses what one's given, and the less said about @#$%&*! Office 2013, the better.

    At home where I have a choice, It runs the Windows applications I want to use, and it still runs Classic Shell, so I can use the launcher I want. Do I care about themes? If I did, I could install and use Window Blinds. Do I prefer it? No. I prefer Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell. I don't use Store apps, so other than virtual desktops, Windows 10 doesn't give me anything Windows 8.1 doesn't. Repeating: I don't use the bundled Windows 8.1 Start screen or Windows 10 Start menu, so those versions don't look all that different to me other than virtual desktops or not.

  12. ibnshaun

    I like Windows 10 and feel more efficient when using it than I did Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. My company continued to use Windows 7 for four years after I started using Windows 10 at home. It was a huge relief when I also got Windows 10 at work.

  13. klhyvcfxe2 vtni56y

    I use it because I like it. It's hard to overstate how much I loathed the Windows 8 interface, and when Sinofsky doubled-down on it as the future, I said 'I'm done.' I bought an iMac and even requested and got a Macbook Pro at work. I had every intention of leaving the Windows world for good. Windows 10 brought me back.

  14. txag

    I like Windows 7 better and would still be using it if I could.

  15. darkgrayknight

    Windows 10 is great and I am glad to be using and would move to it even if not being "required" by Microsoft.