March Update Printer Chaos


Just a quick heads up.

We had a bunch of PCs start crashing when they try to print this week. We tried a lot of things, in the end we switched to XPS printer drivers, from the native PCL/KXPDL drivers and the crashes disappeared.

Now The Register is reporting that it is caused by updates KB8000802 and KB8000808. The most affected brands seem to be Kyocera and Ricoh. Our HP and Canon printers are still printing okay. Luckily this only affected a small test group of users, as we roll it out to a test group in WSUS first, then after a couple of weeks with no problems, we roll it out to the wider community (zero-days excepted).

If you are having problems, try either rolling back the 2 affected patches or try switching to an XPS driver for your printer(s), if one is available.

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  1. beckoningeagle

    This is a +1 for me. I yesterday had a customer with the problem. They have RICOH Copiers. The error would happen as soon as the print dialog box showed up. They did not even have to click "Print". I uninstalled both updates and deferred updates for a month until this is sorted out.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. dougkinzinger

    Had it happen to two business customers that use Kyocera printers (copiers). Uninstalling resolved issue.

  3. epguy40

    you mean, KB5000802 and KB5000808 (NOT KB8000802 and KB8000808), WRIGHT_IS

    "spell-check" or should I say "number check"

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