Mobile Notifications are back?!


Just noticed that I’m getting Mobile Notifications again. I do have Creators Update. Using an Android Phone (Nexus 6P). Anyone else notice this too? Can’t wait for true Mobile Sync though. That would be handy for SMS.

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  1. Orin

    I noticed this as well. After the Creators update, I began receiving my text messages on my laptop with the ability to respond. Hoping for a full blown client to see all of text conversations from my PC. As of now, if I dismiss a text notification in Windows 10, I'm not sure how to get it back up so that I can respond from my PC.

  2. h8zgray

    Yes I have been seeing this working even prior to the Creator's Update. Currently using Build 16188 rs_ps-170430-1928 alongside my Lumia 950 XL whose SMS texts do find their way to my laptop, though like Orin mentioned above, the notification only lasts a few second and although replying via the computer is successful, the fact that the notification is not retrievable via the action center after it disappears would suggest at least some room for improvement. Appreciated nonetheless, thank you MS.