New Windows 10 icons


I just got the new icons for the Mail app and Calendar app. Man are those things ugly.

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    And it looks like the ad in the Mail app is gone.

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    And as it turns out, I did setup my G Suite account in the Mail App, and there was the ad again. Too bad.

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    I like the icons, but yeah, the tiles have got to go.

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    Making all the start tiles blue instead of the accent color is one of stupidest things I've ever seen. I guess customization is completely gone now.

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    Remove the tiles and peace will be restored to the galaxy. Now I see it so clearly. It was the tiles, always the tiles.

    There are even tiles in the all programs list. Oh, the pain of these panes.

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    I don't fixate on the icon too much. The mail icon looks like an envelope... so works for me. I am surprised with the choice of blue on blue though, not good contrast.

    To me the only bad part of the new icon design is that it doesn't match the design of the Mail app anymore. The mail app is very sharp and metro style while the new icon is has rounded corners and shadows. Hopefully an updated design is coming to the Mail app, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    All of the new icons are hideous and make Windows 10 even more unusable from a UI standpoint. It's amazing how little Microsoft cares about design these days.

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      In reply to bnyklue:

      as opposed to what? IOS, Android? you've got to be kidding me !

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        Ron Diaz

        In reply to jean:

        Compared to iOS and macOS Windows is becoming worse and worse.
        Do you know how sick I am of hearing constant complaints about Windows Search?
        Do a search in iOS or on a mac. It WILL find what you are searching for. Wherever it is.
        Search in Windows 10 finds nothing and takes forever.
        EVERY client I have bitches about Windows 10 search.
        It sucks.
        That doesn't even count the complaints about the Windows 10 interface.
        Which sucks also.
        But search in Windows 10 is a flat out disgrace.
        And Microsoft expected people to use Bing when they can't even find anyones documents.
        Every time I get the "it used to work in Windows 7..." complaint about search in W10 I say "call Bill Gates..."

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    I'd never really looked at the old icons, to be honest. To be honest, they look better than the old ones, having just gone into the start menu and looked.

    (I use Outlook, which is pinned and rarely use the Start Menu).

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    It's really inconsistent how most icons respect your choice of background colour, but the updated ones (Mail and Calendar) don't, and Microsoft Edge also has an entirely different background colour.

    As UWP is being depreciated by Microsoft (there was an article here I recall about advertising APIs being turned off for them) why not just set the backgrounds to transparent so they look like any-other app?

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