No login screen


This morning, I restarted my computer and it would get to the login page but no accounts would show up and there was no input box for the password/pin. Had to do hard restart maybe five times and finally it worked, I’ve had the on the original 10, Anniversary and now Creators. Happens maybe once every three months. Any ideas?

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  1. JudaZuk

    did you try and boot in "Rescue mode" or from an install disk and check the logs before you did a reset?

  2. adamjarvis

    Run chkdsk on the System Drive, the system might have been shutdown unexpectantly, corrupting files.

    Reboot the machine holding down shift or select Restart rather than Shutdown.

    In Power Options, turn off 'Fast boot' (to show this option, click 'Change settings that are currently unavailable')

  3. rameshthanikodi

    do you have any windows 7-era biometric software installed on your system by any chance?

  4. bharris

    I have never had any biometric software & I did all of the standard stuff...chkdsk, sfc, dism. I have tried turning off fast boot. I'll try it