I’ve been using the new Outlook.com for some time.  I use it on a Windows 10 desktop to retrieve Hotmail and Gmail.

Recently, I am required to click the “Sign In” button every time I start Outlook.com in my Edge browser.

While not a game changer, it is annoying.  Why is this happening and how can I change it?

Thanks,  Craig.

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  1. 5094

    Funnily enough, I have noticed this also recently. I thought it was just me. Agreed, slightly annoying, although I don't know I there is a fix at this stage.

  2. 701

    I to am seeing the same thing.  I have tried several things that appear to work for short while and then it is right back to requiring that I log in every time.

  3. 180

    Edge appears to be losing cookies for me: not just Outlook, but every site that I log into requires me to log in more frequently than I used to. Not sure the root cause.

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