Patch Tuesday problems – Windows 7

I live in Europe, so Patch Tuesday updates are (unless I stay up late) available the following day.

I have Windows 7 installed in a dual-boot configuration with Windows Vista. As both of them have been experiencing delays on Patch Tuesday, I was expecting it would take a long time to get both updated, and with Vista the expected happened: I started searching at 5:00 today (Wednesday) and (temporarily) gave up 6 hours later with no updates found.

Starting up Windows 7, when I checked for updates it almost immediately gave me the (unknown) error code 80244019. (typical Microsoft, they can’t give a sensible error message)

A quick look with Google came up with a simple fix – turn off looking for updates for Microsoft Products (I have both Office XP and Office 2007 installed).

When I then searched for updates it found, much to my surprise, within two minutes, the two new monthly updates and the usual monthly Software Removal tool.

After making the above updates, I wanted to try turning back on the search for MS Products switch to see if it would continue, but to my surprise there was no longer such an option! After several further adventures I finally go it to search for Office updates and it found three of them, with no error message.

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    12 October, 2016 - 5:22 am

    <p>A lot of us in the uk have been getting the Retry message&nbsp; in windows update on windows 10 for the last few days wiath all sorts of 0x error codes.</p>
    <p>The windws defender ones appeared, but not the patch tuesday ones.<br />The updates finally came through, but noticed the retry is back now and again, still tehre are no more updates but sometimes it says its up to date, sometimes just the retry and a randon 0x code. Must be their servers as loads here are getting in adhoc.<br />Windows update is a pain sometimes and yes those 0x error messages it gives are so generic and if you do a seach in the ms community it just gives all kinds of user fixes and problems, no help really.</p>

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    14 October, 2016 - 4:05 am

    <p>I too encountered a different but related error message the day after making the updates described above. Thankfully after waiting a few minutes, when I tried again it continued normally.</p>
    <p>It seems that when the Microsoft update servers are under heavy load, e.g. Patch Tuesday or shortly after, searching at the same time for updates for both Windows and MS products (such as Office), can cause various error situations to arise. Unlinking the search for MS Products, so that it only looks for Windows updates, then has a higher likelihood to succeed. It is only unfortunate that Microsoft has made it so difficult to reinstate the search for updates to its products.</p>
    <p>A good discussion of this can be found at</p>

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