Pathetic Dumbing-Down of MS Apps


It’s Deja Vu all over again (for me) since MS announced OneNote–2016 will be orphaned and OneNote (ON) for Win-10 will be MS’ only simple infobase app. They took ON–2016 and removed 50% of its features/capability to produce ON for Win-10. How astoundingly creative! Essentially that’s what they did to Internet Explorer; they stripped most of the features that made me stick with IE for more than a decade to produce Edge. Both of the new (actually, very weak replacement) apps; ON for Win-10 and Edge are barely worth using IMO. At least I can use Chrome to make up for not having IE anymore. No such luck with ON for Win.

Does anyone have a capable infobase to recommend for collecting the daily avalanche of data/info (that may need to be recalled in a moment’s notice) in a convenient, easy-to-use app to replace ON for Win-10? I can’t be the only one mourning ON-2016’s demise.

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