Redstone 5 Big Feature(s)

I have been running regular Windows 10 for a while, but I recently jumped into the fast ring last week and was very disappointed.

New Features in RS5:

  • Cloud Clipboard


  • More fluent around the shell
  • Edge menus redesigned, added jumplist support
  • Dark mode for Windows Explorer

Am I crazy or does RS5 look more like RS4.1 than a full new feature release.

Also I see so many issues with this build, slow performance, buggy UI, still very inconsistent design language. All the first party apps are still under-powered and under-featured and lacking support for core OS features like Timeline.

Has anyone else been disappointed with this version of Windows?

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  • SWCetacean

    Premium Member
    24 August, 2018 - 3:16 pm

    <p>A big new feature of RS5 is the revamped Windows Console (actual PTY support and such). I'm looking forward to using that feature, but I might be unusual in that regard. There are a bunch of display and accessibility improvements that I don't really use (but will be great for people who need them), a set of significant improvements to Notepad (another program I don't use since VS Code is better IMO), and some other small changes that matter for people who need them but aren't really visible otherwise. So yeah, there aren't many consumer-facing features in this release. Plenty of work in the background stuff though.</p><p><br></p><p>With a 6-month release cadence, I don't see how they could add much in that time span. Looking at OSes like Ubuntu which also releases every 6 months, the big upgrades are only during the LTS releases which are every 2 years. And given that the RS series of updates is ending with RS5, I think this release is mainly to add the stuff that they didn't get to before.</p>

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