Repair Windows Loop


I am trying to help out a friend. She was burning a DVD, the process got stuck, she forced shut down, now her computer will not boot all the way, goes into a Repair Windows situation where nothing is working to repair it. Of course she has data she does not want to lose and has not backed up.

It’s a Dell desktop, came loaded with Windows 10. Came with a thumb drive to restore but can’t seem to get that to work either unless we are not doing it correctly, but apparently it is not a bootable thumbdrive.

Have tried Troubleshooting, Repair this PC, boot from thumb drive, It also seems to not want to go into Safe Mode either which is the most troubling part to me.

Anyone have this happen and have a solution? I have tried searching some things but not sure what to safely try to not lose her data. Thanks in advance.

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