Stop Bing promotions from popping up in Edge?


Is there a way to stop Edge from popping up Bing promotions?


  • If I go to, Edge pops up a promotion that claims I’ll save money if I search for products using Bing shopping.
  • If I go to my Facebook business page, Edge pops up an offer for me to advertise on Bing.

My PC only sends required diagnostic data.

I don’t help Microsoft improve products by sending the results from searches on the web.

I don’t have Microsoft improve my web experience by using my browsing history.

I have turned off Shopping in Microsoft Edge, support for causes and nonprofits, and travel recommendations.

What more can I do?


Thank you.



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  1. lindhartsen

    Checking it out here, since I've seen that same ad when viewing a Facebook business page, the only way is clicking "Don't show this to me anymore" at the bottom of the pop-up. It seems to be part of "Ad Network in Microsoft Edge" according to the bell icon in the address bar and there's nothing in Settings or flags that appears to remove it.

    As for Amazon, I haven't seen that here. If you see that notification again, see what the icon attached to the notification is labeled. There's a chance it's the shopping feature, but it could be this same "Ad Network in Microsoft Edge" thing.

  2. miamimauler

    "Is there a way to stop Edge from popping up Bing promotions?"

    Just to state the obvious but you could just stop using Edge. You need to understand that MS has their own ad network and are aggressively, and at times obnoxiously, pushing/forcing it.

    MS are hooked now on that ad money Google generates and MS want a part of it.

    I guess you put up with it or move to a different browser.

  3. abrarey

    Yup there's a way is called switching to another browser.

    I really liked the Cr. Edge when it was released but MS push me away with lots of unnecessary stuffs that they added, and true many of them can be disabled. Firefox and Vivaldi have been working pretty well for me, and you only get what you want to add through extensions. Cheers!

    • hrlngrv

      The only way to get MSFT's attention.

      Nothing works so well as using Edge ONCE to download some other browser. The fewer the monthly distinct Edge users, the better.

  4. winner

    I suggest Chrome, Brave, Firefox, etc.

    Especially Firefox as it is a non-Chromium based browser and we should encourage browser diversity.

  5. navarac

    Like others suggest, try Brave or Firefox.

    • hrlngrv

      Sadly Firefox is having issues, at least under Linux. Too many European sites keep popping up cookie dialogs. For example, for the Economist, Every f . . . ine time I load the site. Blink and WebKit browsers don't have the same problem. And the arcane doesn't render anywhere near to correctly.

  6. andrew b.

    Is it not the option under Settings > Privacy, Search, and Services > Services that reads "Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge?"

  7. MattBaker

    Thanks for your responses.

  8. Zeppelyn56

    i have no idea to be honest but never see any of this but I do know I have disabled Bing in searches and only use google. Or maybe my Adblock extension is doing it.