The testing Mess of Microsoft


This feeling I’ve had since Windows 10 released. I believe most of us have a sense of Windows 10 that it is always unfinished/buggy, specially after the launch of Windows Insiders Program.

I’ve been wondering, Apple with its softwares, don’t make so much noise with its testing programs. They have still been old school, beta builds, release candidates etc, just like pre Windows 8 days.

Why does Microsoft have to ambush us with so much of test softwares, Windows, Office, Xbox right from early stages.

Then in Windows, they got to manage, Fast, Slow, Release Preview rings. It’s like they create this mess on purpose or something. In the world where Saas is taking over for over simplicity, it seems in Microsoft it is the other way round, they like to complicate things.

Apple’s MacOS, iPhone they don’t follow the same route yet there OS looks polish. Granted they too are buggy however, not as buggy as Anniversary Update even after millions of users testing it out.

I believe this can be simplified. For themselves, for us and I somehow believe, their softwares will be more stable and reliable, just like Windows 8 and OSes that came before.

How many of you share same sentiments as mine?

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