Turtle in Windows search bar


I just noticed a little green. Turtle or a beach scene in the far left of windows search bar. What is that? I try to click it but it isn’t active. I don’t see a way to turn it off. Have I gone crazy?

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  1. anoldamigauser

    Right-click in the taskbar to get the menu. Go to "Search" and uncheck "Search highlights".

    Just another attempt to drive traffic to Bing and Edge.

    • angusmatheson

      You are right, now I can click on it and it takes me to bing. Today it is a Golden Gate Bridge yesterday a little Africa. And it isn’t in Windows 11, just windows 10.

      • anoldamigauser

        Yup, that was another WTF Microsoft moment when that appeared. Sent me immediately scrambling to figure out how to make it go away.

  2. erichk

    I'm kind of jealous actually. I haven't seen a turtle yet in my search bar.

  3. angusmatheson

    Today it was donuts. Microsoft thought I needed to spend all day staring at donuts. And it is not in windows 11, just loser Windows 10. Today lots of sites including Glizmodo had how to remove it. Just like the thurott forum member posted last week.