WannaCry and Windows 10 S


I am wondering if the WannaCry scare will result in more upgrades to Windows 10?

Would MS consider extending free upgrades of even pirated versions to Windows 10 S? Might be a boost to adoption and address a cyber weakness as well – something of a win/win situation.

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  1. Polycrastinator

    I doubt it: the issue has been patched since March. Anyone in an unmanaged environment should have been protected. The issue was primarily unpatched enterprise systems and environments still using Server 2003/XP.

  2. Wizzwith

    I think this could go either way.  It could be the kick in the pants some people need to get off old Windows and onto the latest.  Or it could lead to more irrational blaming Windows in general and then instead of moving to updated Windows, moving to some other platform.

  3. evox81

    If people cared, they would have done so already. But they don't, so they didn't, and they won't.