Welcome to the Post-Productivity Era!


Microsoft are pleased to announce that their recent focus on productivity has culminated in the move to the post-productivity era with the October 2018 update (1809).

The deletion of all your user files will massively reduce the effort required to do any work at all! No more tiresome updating of user files, and look how clean that My Documents folder looks.

A complex AI program will ascertain whether you are ready for this new era, so if you still have user files following the upgrade don’t despair, Microsoft are almost guaranteed to delete them in one of their future updates. And with the current tempo of updates you shouldn’t have to wait more than 6 months to get these exciting changes.

This is seen as an early step towards the post-Windows era, where some future update is anticipated to not only remove your user files but also the entire operating system.

All of this has been made possible by Microsoft’s decisive move to a post-testing world several years ago, and now we’re really starting to see the benefit of such a bold strategy.


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