What settings does the Power Slider actually affect?


In Windows Vista, 7 and 8, you manage your power/performance options via “Power Options” in Control Panel, and by-default have three plans:

Power Saver


High Performance

In Windows 10, by-default (i.e. on a clean install), recent versions only come with “Balanced” and offer a slider to adjust the power/performance:

Does anyone know though when you drag the slider left or right what settings actually get set/affected by doing so?

Ideally I’d like a table that shows for each position what is altered, but Googling-around I can only find vague summaries for each notch.

(I’m also aware you can still create custom Power Plans in Windows 10 and still use those, if you wish, but I’d imagine this slider may cover some additional settings, especially related to UWP apps, that the Advanced settings for old-style plans don’t).


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