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I think on last weeks Windows Weekly, paul mentioned that the free windows 10 upgrade was still working. 


I found an hp stream 7 in my moms drawer that she had stopped using and I thought I would try upgrading it. 


I used the media creation tool and it’s at the part where it is saying “If you’re installing Windows 10 on this PC for the first time, you need to enter a valid Windows 10 product key.”

“If windows 10 was previously installed and activated on this PC and you’re reinstalling, you can skip this step. We’ll automaticlaly activate Windows after installation is complete.”


Should I try to skip or should I just enter my 8.1 product key?

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    LawrenceG - 3 months ago

    Just did a fresh install of W10 V1607 using W7 Home Premium Key on an HP laptop. (network cable plugged in). Windows activated.

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    nightmare99 Alpha Member #1133 - 3 months ago

    Hit skip, it should read the key from the BIOS and activate with that givng you a digital entitlement for Windows 10 Home.

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    Sprtfan Alpha Member #153 - 3 months ago

    I think the update will no longer work when using an OEM key that you would have found using Magic Jellybean.  Last I knew it would still work when using a full windows 7 or 8 retail key.  

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    Alisa - 3 months ago

    I updated windows 10 and now my calculator will not work; when I click on the icon it opens and shuts repeatedly.  Also, can't get to any of my programs as the windows button won't work either. 

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix either or both problems?  Thanks.

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    Alisa - 3 months ago
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    inlocoabsentia Alpha Member #1634 - 3 months ago

    If it works for yet, post back here! You could scoop Paul if you find it doesn't work before he does.

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    Robbie Blackwell - 3 months ago

    Well it didn't accept my key. "The product key didn't work. Please check it and try again, or try a different key.

    I wonder if the proceedure is slightly different because I ran the upgrade through the media creation tool on windows desktop instead of booting up via USB. Also since this was on a tablet I don't actually have a product key sticker so I had to use magic jelly bean to determin the key.  Does anyone have a windows 10 ISO for 1511?



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      MacNala - 3 months ago
      In reply to Robbie_Blackwell:

      I have used the MediaCreation Tol and it workked for  me one point though respond I dont have a kery while installing and then after install update the key. It should make no difference whether you used a USB or a DVD.

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    GeekWithKids Alpha Member #569 - 3 months ago

    My understanding is that you use your 8.1 product key and it should work.

    Of course Microsoft might have disabled the free upgrade by now, but it's worth a try.