Windows 10 Calendar


I have a recurring appointment in my Calendar (the Windows 10 built in one, not Outlook).

I have a reminder set up

I invited others to the appointment which I believe makes it a meeting.


I would like the calendar to send a reminder to all people in the meeting. Can that be done?



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  1. wright_is

    Generally, not. It will have been added to their calendars, when they accept the invitation. It is then up to them to allow the reminder that you set on your system, or whether they change it.

    (If you set it up with a 15 minute warning, for example, it should set itself up on their systems with a 15 minute warning, but they can override this.)

    Otherwise, you could try changing the contents of the appointment, it should then offer to re-issue the appointment to everyone in the list.

    • simard57

      I am working with a group of "mature" folks that do not use the calendar and I have to manually resend the reminder. I was hoping my computer could automate my manual task.... I suppose I could schedule a reminder to send the reminder but that seems to kind of suck!

      • wright_is

        Sending it as a calendar request is automating it... But if those at the other end refuse to use the automation, there isn't much Calendar can do.

        • simard57

          IF I were to get them to use the Calendar program, I would forever be their IT support. Email works and using Power to automate the reminders works goo

  2. anoldamigauser

    In a similar situation, I have found that sometimes it is best to send an email explaining, with images, what they will see when they get the meeting invitation, and what they should click to have things work. That is probably water under the bridge at this point though.

    If you are using a Microsoft Account, then calendar should be synching with Outlook dot com. If so, then you can use Power Automate to do this. It is available for any MSA, paid or free. It is probably overkill, but if nothing else, it gives you a chance to play with a new technology.

    You can trigger the reminder from your calendar (upcoming event) or on a recurring timer, which is probably easier. It will work with Gmail as well.

    • simard57

      cool idea - something new to learn!!

    • simard57

      thanks - that was easy. bypass using calendar at all and just created a scheduled time to send an email with the information... Thank you for the suggestion - it was easy peasy!

      • anoldamigauser

        Glad to help. I, too, often work with the technically challenged, so good instructions and alternate means of reaching out are always important.

        What do you do with the ones who do not check their email regularly?

        • simard57

          "What do you do with the ones who do not check their email regularly?" fortunately that is not my challenge. Perhaps I would put it in the hopeless category?


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