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I created a VM using hyper-V’s “quick create” and did the “Windows 10 dev environment”. It’s showing me that it expires in 34 days, It also shows as activated. I’ve tried a few different keys from from companies partner account(gold level) but they don’t work.

I’m not finding a clear answer via google.

Does anyone know what happens when it expires?

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  1. hrlngrv

    | when it expires

    Isn't that when the BSA secret police come to take you to the pirates gulag?

    Seriously, it probably just stops working. At which point you should still be able to access any of your own files still on its VHDs.

    Anyway, you'd very likely have better luck asking this on MSFT's own support forum, at

  2. wright_is

    I haven't tried it myself, but I'm guessing that it is a quick build to test something and throw away afterwards... Therefore it has a limited license, so you can test something, without having to purchase an actual license? Documentation is poor, I'll give you that.

    How have you tried to change the license number? Over the GUI or with the slmgr on the command line? I've found on a lot of our server VMs that I can't change the license number over the GUI, I had to resort to using slmgr.vbs.

    The key also has to match the installed version of Windows 10 . i.e. Home -> Home, Pro -> Pro, Enterprise -> Enterprise.

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