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I created a VM using hyper-V’s “quick create” and did the “Windows 10 dev environment”. It’s showing me that it expires in 34 days, It also shows as activated. I’ve tried a few different keys from from companies partner account(gold level) but they don’t work.

I’m not finding a clear answer via google.

Does anyone know what happens when it expires?

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  • hrlngrv

    Premium Member
    10 February, 2020 - 5:59 pm

    <p><strong>| when it expires</strong></p><p>Isn't that when the BSA secret police come to take you to the pirates gulag?</p><p>Seriously, it probably just stops working. At which point you should still be able to access any of your own files still on its VHDs.</p><p>Anyway, you'd very likely have better luck asking this on MSFT's own support forum, at <a href="; target="_blank"></a></p&gt;

  • wright_is

    Premium Member
    11 February, 2020 - 5:09 am

    <p>I haven't tried it myself, but I'm guessing that it is a quick build to test something and throw away afterwards… Therefore it has a limited license, so you can test something, without having to purchase an actual license? Documentation is poor, I'll give you that.</p><p>How have you tried to change the license number? Over the GUI or with the slmgr on the command line? I've found on a lot of our server VMs that I can't change the license number over the GUI, I had to resort to using slmgr.vbs.</p><p>The key also has to match the installed version of Windows 10 . i.e. Home -&gt; Home, Pro -&gt; Pro, Enterprise -&gt; Enterprise.</p>

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