Windows 10 users getting spammed with Windows 11 ads

So, my main machine is a Dell G15 5525 which I have downgraded (through a nuke and pave) to Windows 10. I went to reboot this morning and my startup gets hijacked with a giant full-screen ad (featuring the admittedly lovely paper background) basically telling me that Microsoft is going to install Windows 11 on my computer.

They were kind enough to leave a small link allowing me to opt out, but of course I had to jump through a few more pages (3, iirc) telling me I’m dumb for not wanting 11. Had I not been in front of my computer at the time, I’m not sure if it wouldn’t have simply gone ahead with the “upgrade” without my permission (I would doubt it, but then again that’s totally something Microsoft would do).

How bad do we think this is going to get? Windows 10 is technically supported until 2025, but I have a feeling they will install 11 without my permission sometime in the next year as they get more and more desperate to make it not look like a colossal failure.


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