Windows 10, v1903: missing Windows Update deferral options



My W10 system is an SP3, which was running 1809 (Pro). Check for updates a few days after 1903 went live, none available. Download the Windows upgrade assistant, lo and behold I am not running the latest, would I like to download and install? Yes. SW checks and informs me my system is compatible. Download and install. I did this early in the official release cycle because one of my biggest personal complaints about W10 is Windows Update – and 1903 was supposed to introduce some changes that brought it more in line with the W7 and W8.1 “way of thinking”.

Anyway – what did I find? When I open Settings/Update & Security/Advanced Options, I don’t see any feature update or quality update deferral options listed. All I see is a pause option for 7 days.

Has anyone else had this happen to them upgrading to 1903? Am I missing something? Is this a known issue?

I do wonder if I would be having this issue if I had just used the nuclear option and done a clean (ISO) install. This shouldnt be this complicated….

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