Windows 11 Bug


Per , it seems Windows 11 debuts with a nasty if not critical memory leak bug in File Explorer. How odd 3 months in the Insider program wasn’t long enough to surface this before launch.

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  1. garythornberry

    Using Windows 11, I find that Edge will freeze up after it starts loading but before the tabs have loaded. You have to wait several seconds for it to unfreeze, then it is fine.

  2. red.radar

    What I want to know is if it was reported in the 3 month testing period and they just ignored it

  3. dave78

    This is what happens when you disband your QA team.

  4. epguy40

    workaround is to enable the option "Launch folder windows in a separate process" in the File Explorer Folder Options View tab. no more RAM leaks with that option.

    I ALWAYS turn on that option to load explorer folders in a "separate process" in every Windows version