Windows 11 Remember Window Location for Multiple Displays?


Anyone know the secret to get Windows 11 to remember the location of app windows on a multi-monitor configuration? I’ve ticked the multiple displays option “Remember window locations based on monitor connection” and tried “Minimize windows when a monitor is disconnected” in both the ticked and unticked configuration. I’m connecting a Surface Laptop Studio to multiple monitors through a Surface Dock 2.

This was one of the things about Windows 11 that I was looking forward to.

The interwebs hasn’t been very helpful in solving this.

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  1. hrlngrv

    I don't know anything built into Windows or configurable through Windows alone to do this, but I've been using a 3rd party utility named Dual Monitor Tool to do this since Windows 7.

  2. lwetzel

    As far as I can tell it just does. I have an application that tends to ignore it but most everything I have stationed on a screen comes back up to that screen when I use it again.

  3. ianbetteridge

    It just works for me. However, if you do something like resize the windows or use them in a split view when you're not docked to a monitor, I find it doesn't always remember to put them back how you had it before on the monitor when you redock.

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