Windows 11 Start/Search Issue


Has anyone seen or have this issue? Also will Microsoft release a fix for it prior to Windows 11 launch?

When I typically open a UNC path aka \\servername, I usually hit the Winkey and start to enter the UNC path and press enter. However in Windows 11 this is not working. I have to do windows key + R to get the run prompt then enter the UNC path there. This worked perfectly in windows 8 and 10, but does not work on windows 11. Any idea?

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  1. lwetzel

    Working absolutely perfect on my machines.

  2. justdavid

    It is working for me as well

  3. colmob

    Working here too, I'm on build 222000.194

  4. poder75

    Thanks everyone! I had to do a clean install and it works. I did an in-place upgrade and it wasn't working.