Windows 11 Workaround?


You’ll need both the Windows 11 and a Windows 10 ISO. In the Windows 10 /sources folder, remove install.esd. Then copy everything else in there to the extracted Windows 11 ISO’s /sources.


That is, you want to have the Windows 10 installer files, but the Windows 11 install.esd.


See instructions…


This allowed Windows 11 – the leaked build at least – to install and run on an XP-era system.

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  1. jimchamplin

    ... I posted this ages ago. How is it back?

  2. epguy40

    sometimes it's not install.esd but install.wim instead

  3. epguy40

    here's a better workaround - use an updated MediaCreationTool batch script that creates Win11 install media that also bypasses the Win11 hardware requirements as noted in these recent articles from Neowin & Bleepingcomputer: