Windows 3D Builder


I have been 3D printing for a little while now, but I had always either created my own models or used them as they came from sites like Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory or wherever. However, when I got my hands on a model of a Churchill tank to complete my set of WWII models for my desk, I found the thing unsuitable for printing because it was all in one piece… This meant unavoidable and messy support structures that scarred the complicated wheel/tread assembly. I really needed to cut it apart so the treads could be printed in a separate position from the hull of the tank. I found that Windows 10 includes one of the best pieces of software for slicing up 3D models I have ever seen… 3D Builder. You load the thing in, select the Split command, position your cutting plane arbitrarily in space, and poof, done. The UI is easy and intuitive, and the program even includes and automatic function that will repair mesh errors for you.

I know that this program fits in the “shouldn’t be included in Windows” category for some, but… Man, credit where it is due, I’m sure glad it’s there just because of this one function that they did so well.

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