Windows Defender Updating Issues in 15063


Upgraded Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 tablet to Version 1703 Build 15063 via iso then updated to 15063.11 which went quite well. However, Definition Update for Windows Defender – KB8226702 (Definition 1.239.530.0) does not install and gives Error 0x80070643 each and every time.

Reported this issue in Feedback hub, but wanted to see if anyone else is having this same issue.

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  1. Lewk

    Yes, I too am seeing this issue.

  2. andrewtechhelp

    I also had this error occur too after updating my Surface Pro 2 today. Managed to fix it, by doing the following.

    1. Open Windows Defender Security Centre app
    2. Choose Virus & Threat Protection
    3. Choose Protection Updates
    4. Press Check For Updates a couple of times. I got a few errors, but eventually clicking that button stopped returning errors
    5. Then go back to Windows Update and Retry Checking for Updates and you should get the green tick you're looking for :)

    Anyway, this worked for me, your success may vary :)

  3. Lauren Glenn

    Can't remember the error # offhand I got on my 1703 builds but many of the computers I installed it on threw an error on the cumulative patch that came out this week. Even the Definition update threw the same error.

    To fix it (hopefully this is the same problem for you), I turned off the Windows Update service, then went into c:\\windows\\softwaredistribution. Delete the items in the Download and DataStore folders. Turn the service back on. After that, it works again and installed both.

  4. techcortex

    Here you go...I was facing same error..check out the complete solution and let us know if you are still facing same error or not? - Solution: 0x800070643 error