Beneath a Surface – physical book update


Hey Everyone,

Minor update but want to keep those informed who are not on twitter.

I got the physical proofs today of the book and they look great. There is one minor correction that needs to be made and I’ve ordered a new proof to finalize everything.

Fully expect the dead tree version should be available starting next week.


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  1. Orin

    Great! Thanks for the update. I'm waiting for the physical copy.

  2. Oasis

    I wouldn't have bothered Paula about this, but there was no link in the last article. After I asked I went back into the archives and found a link to where it was listed on this site and it said sold out(maybe that was the pre-order). Thanks for reassuring us tree killers when it would be available. Thanks for writing this book.

  3. Brad Sams

    Update as of 12/4

    Proof copies look great, waiting for the printers to agree and then it should be available.

  4. factoryoptimizr

    Can we expect an audiobook soon?

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