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  1. DeveloperGR1702

    Why u didnt get a android phone? Any reasons?

  2. kherm

    Hey Brad, have you caught the new season of The Grand Tour yet? So far, it seems really good.

  3. jules_wombat

    What Android Apps Launcher do you prefer to use?

    And what, if any, features of W10 mobile Live Tiles do you miss ?

  4. cadrethree

    Is Gamepass and Xbox Live lifetime pass real?

  5. hrlngrv

    The question everyone wants answered: does your daughter use Paint 3D, older Paint, something else, just uses Ink to draw on top of everything?

  6. craig.r.s94

    With Python coming to the store do you expect more dev tools like VS Code, Git, Docker, etc to follow?

    Will Xcloud host games in containers on demand like Azure portal's cloud shell for better load times + no download

    Does Windows lite run PowerShell Core and support remote desktop as you can't remote into a Surface hub or Windows 10 mobile but you can remote out with the UWP app

  7. TheJoeFin

    In your opinion is Microsoft spread too thin? They have so many products in so many different directions which don't work together. Is this a problem or just how big companies are?

  8. rlbaker

    With the planned obsolescence of Windows 10 Mobile gaining traction recently, this has me considering alternative devices.

    For a non-heavy mobile app user, do you believe a combination of the Surface Go (LTE) and a feature phone (ala The Light Phone) could address mobile computing requirements?

  9. Bdsrev

    Brad, how has Microsoft or Google not bought Grammarly yet? Not just for their tech but also their talent. Microsoft could integrate it into Office as well as SwiftKey (there's a Grammarly keyboard)

  10. Lewk

    1: The Windows 10 Mail app has seen very few updates in recent times, and arguably lacks a lot of very basic functionality (text resizing, UI Layouts, html rendering etc), Do you have any thoughts on whether Microsoft continue to develop this app out with more of the basics in the near future? Or do you personally see them replacing it with say a PWA version of

    2: It's being reported that Microsoft might be sunsetting Live Tiles, which is understandable. What are your thoughts on if Microsoft had made them available to pin to the Desktop, acting like widgets, alongside Application Shortcuts? Do you think this would have been a better approach?

  11. helix2301

    Any big plans for Petri going forward?

  12. AnOldAmigaUser

    Just watched a Google add for Chromebook, and it is sort of compelling in a way. On the other hand, I have been working with an Office 365 Developer account, and the functionality it provides through the web interface is also fairly compelling and does not really need a Windows machine to work.

    Do you think that Microsoft might offer consumers a package that would combine something like a version of Teams for family, extended OneDrive storage and Office online, with a lightweight piece of hardware that could handle local storage and perhaps the mobile apps for Office. It would need to be significantly simpler than Windows 10 in S Mode, to compete with Chromebooks, since S Mode still requires more care and attention to the OS than Chrome OS.

  13. gregsedwards

    Any info on when multi-user support is going to be released for the Invoke? The feature is currently in the Cortana beta app, but the speakers don't yet seem to be able to use it.

    Also any news on the new webcams supposedly coming for Windows and Xbox this year?

  14. mmcpher

    Why pre-judge coming foldable devices solely on their ability to carry significantly higher price tag? There is a current and lengthy trend toward larger screens (phones, laptops, TVs, tablets) and a trend where costs and prices fall after a new class of device is launched? Why not judge instead by interest and demand and by use cases? When the Samsung Note launched people chortled because "nobody" needed or would want a phone that large.