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Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. bekmod

    Two unrelated questions:

    1) Microsoft uses surface connect to connect the tablet part of the surface book 2, where processor is located, to the base, where GPU is located (on 15 inch its 1060). Could they in theory make the egpu connecting to the surface connect on surface pro and surface laptop?

    2) Do you know any information on whether microsoft will update the file explorer ? (design/functionality?)

    There was a post on twitter in 2017 saying that the design team had a few ideas but can not give any information on when it could be happening. And also there was a video on windows central on UWP file explorer saying that microsoft will be gradually developing the app.

  2. Bdsrev

    Kind of a big picture question, why doesn't Microsoft just rip off the band-aid? Close down Bing, Cortana, OneDrive, Surface, Xbox, all the Microsoft brick and mortar Stores etc. Maybe even fire the Windows team and make 'Windows' run on Linux, like Paul said. They could get down to less than 40,000 employees. Shutting all this stuff down would be consistent with what Microsoft's upper management and shareholders want, the current Microsoft doesn't want to dig in for a long, expensive battle for anything, and their heart isn't in it either, so why not get it over with? There's no point in dragging this out

  3. Kudupa

    1) Based on news of 'LITE' Why cant MS create PWA section within Store to have easy access to its users?

    2) With EdgeHtml being retired is true then what will happen to "Sets"? and will MS redesign the browser's look and feel?

  4. adamcorbally

    I heard the FRD episode where Paul and you discussed what the point of windows lite OS would be if it was just a chrome OS clone. I wonder if there is another streaming app component you didnt mention however. It would be interesting if Windows lite was heavily optimised to stream full desktop apps and xcloud games, could be a big differentiator to chrome and also be a potential subscription income stream.

  5. ericpalms200

    With all the back end changes making Edge better is amazing, but how will Microsoft get users to switch to increase the usage of Edge. I thought they would rebrand it and start fresh, but they will remain with Microsoft Edge as the name. What do you guys think is their plan of attack to get standard users to move from chrome to Edge or to increase the Edge adoption rate?

  6. Tourniquet

    Some Edge related questions:

    1) Is Edge coming to the Windows 10 Store?

    2) What about UWP only platforms like Xbox, Hub, Hololens? It's said that the new version is win32, that can't run there

    3) They clearly said it's coming to ALL SUPPORTED VERSIONS of Windows. Windows 10 mobile is still 'supported' any chances for that to happen? :P

  7. Ahmet Aksoy

    For Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 was deprecated. But now they changed their mind. Chromium Edge Browser opens door to reach more users. Then why not release unified Windows Store for all? At least uwp win32 apps can work for all. Windows 10 apps and games can be introduced. If people see these apps they should want to upgrade their Windows. Now Epic Games making store. Windows Store needs to better.

    New Office and Windows icons are colorized. Tiles have colored backgrounds. This is braking colored background and white foreground flat icon design choice. New icons looks better without tiles. I prefer icons against tiles. But if tiles will continue tiles with colored icons should have a transparency. But start menu background is also transparent. What is your idea with this new design?

  8. Jhambi

    what will happen to IE ? will it continue on as a relic within windows 10 system32 folder just like its good friend the dialer applet.. never updated just always there.....

  9. seakish

    Hey Brad, looking to purchase your book. What would be the best method to give you the most impact in terms of ratings, exposure, etc.? I'm assuming Amazon but wanted to confirm. I know these projects take a lot of work and you deserve all the recognition you can get. Thanks!

  10. harmjr

    Smart Home question.

    You seem to have really embraced the smart home. How much time do you think it has saved you daily? Of course after learning how to set this crap up. What would be your top must have items if you had to do it all over.

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