Any questions for 9/30 podcast…add them here


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    Do you see a hardware type device similar to Amazon Echo, but powered by Cortana?

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    Any information rumors from ignite on new annoucements slated for late October?

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    Hi Brad (Hi from the UK) Can you give a call out to the important Win7 patch KB3172605, which does actually fix Windows 7SP1 12 hour 'checking for updates' woes.

    It's the July rollup Patch re-released on September 13th 2016, by Microsoft. As its been fixed and re-released multiple times, there is more chance (given the history) it won't work in a month's time, but its working right now.

    This works for both new installs (I still use KB3102810 on a fresh install to kick Windows Update into action), but using KB3172605 now works for restored images. This is working where users choose to download and install updates, so installs that have selectively avoided KB's related to Windows 10 Nagware and Windows 10 esk' Telemetry, i.e. Anyone Technical, that didn't like the nagware, just needed to carry on using Windows 7.

    Funny how Windows 7 update works again, now once Windows 10 free upgrade has ended, 'just sayin'. Interesting too, how the rollups will reincorporate past Patches, so anyone that has actively avoided Windows 7 Telemetry Patches, will get force fed these in a second wave throughout this year. Can you confirm the details of this, how this will work.