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  1. ikjadoon

    What is the likelihood of Windows 11 reducing update annoyances?

    Restarts, pop-ups to restart, fans-blaring on laptops, the driver conflicts, the fails-to-install updates, the buggy updates?

    I’ve asked non-technical friends about Windows 11 and they’re still frustrated / annoyed with Windows 10’s update cadence. “Another update? I can’t. This is too much. Enough already. Just let me use it!”

  2. madthinus

    Looking at this leak build of Windows 11, I have the feeling this is a core validation build, with most of the refresh still in development branches. That a fair assessment?

  3. Usman

    One extra question, how does all of the feature experience packs, Windows 10 vs 11 licensing come into play if Windows 11 is also Windows 10 Cobalt / 21H2.

    Do the operating systems differ by just Feature Experience or by both Feature Experience and Build Number?

  4. Tourniquet

    Heya, I’ve got a couple of questions:

    1)     Will there be an option in Windows 11 to use the “classic” start menu? In the leaked build there is not an option for it (yet?).

    2)     What does Windows 11 mean for the future of WCOS? If you remember back in the day there was a battle between Myerson and Sinofsky regarding which is the better OS for a Tablet (Windows Phone vs Windows Desktop). In the end Windows Desktop has won. Currently it feels like we had the same battle yet again: Windows 10x (WCOS) vs Windows 11 (Desktop).

    3) Do you have any informations if "Windows Nickel" will be a desktop release or if they will skip it similarly like they skipped Manganese and Iron for Desktop?


  5. Usman

    Wanted to ask about the Xbox streaming console.

    In the initial Scarlett + xCloud leaks you mentioned a micro-console that will handle local processing of collisions and inputs on the local hardware and the video will stream to the console from the data center. (here:

    Is that still the case? I've watched quite a few xCloud sessions on Game Stack Live, and the discussion around latency mentions other latency mitigation techniques but nothing about collision logic and input on the client's device.

  6. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well

    So i have a few questions :

    1. Could we see xcloud on the switch in near future

    2. Could we see a xcloud powered handhed fro MS/Xbox

    3. Will Windows become completly free with Win11

    4. Windows 11/X UI Design on Surface Duo 2?

    5. What restrictions could Luxembourg have that Game Pass and xcloud isnt aviable

    6. When can expect the app on pc to stream the own xbox series line

    Thank you and have a great day ✌️

    • jimchamplin

      3: Doubtful. They realized how important Windows still is. This will likely be a paid update. I won’t be surprised if it isn’t paid, but my wager would be that they want money again.

  7. will

    Do you think we get hardware design updates for the Surface Book and the Surface Pro around the same time as the release of Windows 11 later this year?

  8. globexco

    Is there something wrong with the First Ring Daily podcast feed? A new episode hasn't showed up in my podcast app ( on Android) since June 8th.

    Anyways, my real question. MS recently announced it would start work to migrate xcloud servers over to series x soon. Given the console shortage right now, what's your opinion on that move? Is it better to improve xCloud now vs let more gamers get the consoles in their hands? Am I looking at this all wrong?

  9. mrpki

    The release of Windows 11 was unintentionally revealed and reduced the surprise for next week. Do you think they will change the planned videos or do you think there are a number of new features that were not included in the leaked build?

    Or are you on an embargo already and cannot talk about it? NoBS! :-)

  10. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad greetings from Belgium.

    2 questions

    Is there any clarity on how long games stay in game pass? First party, second party, third party? Or is everything shrouded in darkness?

    How stable will the insider builds of win 11 be on release? Is it advisable to install them?


    • navarac

      Re Windows 11 - I'd respectfully say that if you have to ask that questions, Don't. There's always liable to be some glitch or other.

  11. bschnatt

    First time questioner:

    Why Ohio? Paul apparently loves to move a lot. Have you thought of moving, and where to? I hear Pittsburgh is a great place to live (ok, I'm trolling now... ;) )

  12. jimchamplin

    Battle of the second-tier Sci-Fi series! Babylon 5 or Stargate?

  13. shark47

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts about Panos Panay. How would you rate his performance (with Surface mainly) so far?

  14. rossdelliott

    With the large slate of Game Pass games announced, in addition to just more and more titles in general, is there any storage updates coming? Even on the Series X, you can only have a maximum of 2TB of "Velocity" storage (1TB internal + 1TB external). Swapping games to a USB drive is annoying, as is redownloading them.

  15. jnbck

    Can you talk to what the options are for devs on .NET 5/6 for the desktop? I've gotten lost on what will be supported.

    Especially curious about WinForms / WPF / MAUI / XAMARIN / WIN UI, which path would you go down if developing from scratch today?

    • Usman

      Depends on the application and features required. I would ensure application libraries target .Net Standard 2.0 instead of a specific target framework. If you follow any separated model like MVC, MVVM or MVU you can be flexible with the end solution, be it WPF / WinForms / Xamarin / MAUI / UWP since they support .Net Standard 2.0 libraries.

      As to what end solution you should pick, if you had something to do stable right now, choose WPF on .NET 5 with Win UI. If you don't expect to go live before November 2021, you can check out the .NET 6 Win UI 3 applications which is currently in preview.

      The above is specific if you wanted to be cross platform, then Xamarin / MAUI would be your option.

      Target .Net Standard for all your application logic because that code can run on any .Net application framework.

    • thejoefin

      I'm a Windows app developer and can say, it depends :)

      If you are looking to make a new cool app which mixes UWP stuff with Win32 stuff then I'd check out Project Reunion. 


      dotNET 5

      WinUI 3 For UI

      Both WinRT and Win32 APIs

      (optional) Easier MSIX packaging 

      Keep in mind Reunion is still in preview, so if you can wait until the end of the year to use it that might be best.

      If you are looking to make a Windows app and have WPF experience then just use WPF. You can add WinRT APIs through a Nuget package and can still package as MSIX if you want to. 

      If you need to build an app which targets multiple platforms and you want to stick with dotNET then maybe check out Blazor.

      As for support:

      dotNet 6 is the LTS (3 years of support) version coming out this November

      WinForms and WPF are Open source and are not having new features add to them, but they both still work

      MAUI is the evolution of Xamarin

      WinUI 3 is a UI library which can be used with UWP or Reunion apps. 

      (also when making a MAUI app, the Windows app UI uses WinUI 3

  16. crunchyfrog

    I just bought a Windows on ARM laptop because I'm a glutton for punishment. With the Windows 11 announcement I can't help but ask when the upgrade will come for ARM based computers.