Question for 9/10?


Drop them here – podcast will go live on 9/11

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  1. hrlngrv

    How's Michigan?

  2. michael_goff

    Is there a reason why the Pentium Gold 4425y is acceptable for Windows 11, but the 4415y is somehow not good enough?

    • usman

      4415Y is Kaby Lake, which is 7th Gen. 4425Y is after 8th Gen / Coffee Lake

  3. confusedgeek

    so was the halo elite controller in warehouses last year and that’s why there is no elite controller 3 this year?


  4. shark47

    Do you see yourself buying a new Surface this year?

  5. madthinus

    With this weeks builds of Windows 11 it is clear we are back to the half complete measures of Windows 10. So much for a clean refresh. Will they finish this one completely?