Questions for 1/12


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  1. jimchamplin

    What is the general mood at CES this year? Are people sore at Intel? Are PC builders antsy about what could be a rather angry upgrade cycle?

    How do folks feel after such a thing?

  2. Peter klobčič

    what do you think if siri and cortana would join forces do they together stand a chance?

  3. ponsaelius

    Is the demise of Cortana yet further evidence that Microsoft's abandonment of mobile is having ripples that are moving it out of the consumer space?

  4. Simard57

    With Outlook Premium going away, what has Microsoft decided to do with the customized domains that were provided?

  5. tmday001

    After watching a number of the announcements at CES this week, does it not seem that some of the assistants are getting left behind...mainly Microsoft in how it appears they have been dragging their feet for literally years with integration with smart phones (Apple and Android...much less their own) and other smart home devices and their control. And with Dell's announcement of their mobile connect app that even gives you access to an Android's applications on Windows 10 no less and even iPhone access to texts and calls now, why when Microsoft owns the OS, have they not worked on this type of integration across manufacturers?

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