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  1. Tourniquet

    Now with more fodables PCs being announced, have you heard anything about a Windows 10X successor in the works?

    Is there anything else coming to Sun Valley 2 other than "System Wide Darkmode"? Is MSFT considering adding those foldable features from 10x to Windows 11 with SV2?

  2. mrpki

    How about an ending question of the week with a little BS?

    Microsoft has announced AMD has adopted the Microsoft Pluton security chip set - but they are the only one. Would you actually recommend any AMD based PCs or laptops at this time or should we only wait for Intel based systems?

  3. rlbaker

    Greetings Mr Sams, would love your insight on any of the following;

    How likely do you believe we will get a New 'Pro' Xbox controller this year?

    Others have opined that MS will launch a wearable to help tie together their restarted mobile ecosystem efforts - do you see this as a probability, or more likely they'll partner with Garmin (the last remaining non-AndroidWear vendor of smart watches?)

    Why hasn't MS used 'How do you Duo' as an ad jingle showing off the grouped apps function?

    Do you smell what Thurrott is Cookin? ?


  4. dcuk7

    Hi Brad.

    Two part Xbox question.

    Do you think Phil Spencer is reaching that point in a senior position at Microsoft where he may be looking to retire/semi-retire? I think we can all agree he's more than earned it, turning the good ship Xbox around as he has.

    Secondly, if that ends up being the case, who do you think his successor will be?

  5. anoldamigauser

    How do you like product development as opposed to tech reporting? It is an interesting change.

  6. Qnox

    Hey Brad,

    I've been thinking that Microsoft likes to release products too soon.

    Windows 11 released with a mix of Win10 and Win11 UI elements and Microsoft is now updating the UI to have more Win10 elements (for example the new volume UI) and from the games side Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight Sim also released with a lot of missing features (like missing Co-op and Forge for Halo and missing helicopters for Flight Sim).

    Do you think that Microsoft releases software too soon? If you do, what do you think is the reason for this?

  7. jnbck

    Happy Friday Brad!

    Do you have a "must play" XBOX title you are looking forward to being released in 2022?