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  1. MrPKI

    Last, but not least, as always, how many consumers do you think are going to proactively migrate from Chrome to Credge?

  2. rambone05

    Hey Brad, long time listener/reader, second time poster. I’m moving to a new apartment and looking to purchase a new TV. You been mentioning about buying one, and you may have already by now (still need to catch up on a few episodes). Outside of size and 4K I am lost by the multitude of options and (series e.g. series 6,7,8 by Samsung) that tv manufacturers have. Any idea or recommendations you have? Which tv did you pick or are leaning to and why? Thanks in advance :)


  3. bart

    Hi Brad, second question. Now that the roll out of Chredge has started, when do you think Edge will replace Edge Legacy in new Windows builds? Version 2004? Version 2009? Why?

    My best bet is Version 2009 at the earliest as it is a big change for the Enterprise. And if 2009 is a "small update", maybe even 2104

    • wright_is

      In reply to Bart:

      I would think when they get feature parity (especially the syncing issues).

      For enterprise customers, I don't think it will be as much of a problem as in the past. If there are compatibility problems, then they are probably stuck on Internet Explorer, not Edge.

  4. bart

    Hi Brad, as you and Paul discussed on First Ring Daily, the usage of the browser on the Xbox is very low. However, I do use it for watching videos on or, because the YouTube app experience has gone down hill lately, due to the amount of ads before and during content.

    Are you and Paul looking for alternative ways of distributing video content (on Xbox/Roku)? Would Mixer be an option?

  5. robinalexandria

    Since this month's Patch's Tuesday is critical, I have been checking "Update & Security" in "Settings" very often; however, all the new updates are "Security intelligence updates for Windows Defender Antivirus" related.

    Am I doing the right things? My PC is running Windows 10 Pro Ver 1909.

  6. anoldamigauser

    Regarding the Surface Pro X and Windows on ARM

    What is the performance like? Would you compare it to an Atom, an i3, older dual core chips?

    Is it compatible with external hard drives? Will it download photos from a camera? Have you had any hardware/driver issues? Are you running the ARM version of Chredge?

    Do you think that Windows on ARM is ever going to make mainstream sense?

  7. ericpalms200

    Will the Xbox one X be getting support for Dolby vision on the Blu-ray player app? It's weird how Dolby vision is supported on the streaming apps on Xbox but not on the actual Blu-ray player app. Do you know if this is a feature that is coming to Xbox one or will they wait to add it to the new Xbox series X?

  8. davejramos

    Hi Brad, Dave here

    My comment is part marketing and part wishful thinking ...

    Wouldn't it be cool if MSFT acquired Firaxis. Stay with me here ... imagine the same company that brings you Xbox and xCloud - is now bringing you XCOM. XCOM would fit right in at a company that is apparently in love with the letter X.

    Maybe MSFT could just bring XCOM to Game Pass. That would work too! Either way, I am interested in seeing what MSFT has in store for us with Gears Tactics.


  9. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    one thing that will be different from the initial manufacturing run of the Series X to the One will that many of the units coming out of that run may be utilised as server blades for Xcloud. I have heard that Scarlett units (be it Series X or Lockhart) will be replacing the One S blades currently serving the Xcloud Beta.

    Have you any thoughts about the timing of the replacement of the S blades, and (my main question) whether the volume of manufactured units (proportionally increased from the original One's volume for use in server farms), is enough to make an appreciable and significant difference to the pricing of the retail units?

    In other words, could the cost of the advanced tech built into Scarlett (including ray tracing hardware, propriety SSD technology, etc.) be offset by economies in bulk production, enough to make the difference between the Series X costing (for example) $500 or $550, or even $600?

  10. tripleplayed

    How long do you suspect it will take for Microsoft to roll out next gen hardware to their datacenters for use for project xCloud?

  11. Ingiomar Martina

    Do you know the exact specs of the GPU/CPU of Lockhart? Is it using Zen and Navi like the Series X?

    Also what if Lockhart is going to be a completely different thing, maybe not even console? Handheld? Laptop? Handheld Laptop? Is that why there's barely any info on it?

  12. torchatlas

    What's the future of background acrylic, seen in old Edge, Calculator, etc.

    Seems like Microsoft is moving away from it. Some people say it can look good or ugly based on what's behind it.

    What do you think?

  13. skittles2519

    With the launch of the new edge browser on PC and phone. Will Xbox get the new edge browser? Or at least get it's icon updated?

  14. will

    Do you think the Surface Book 3 will be a minor or major refresh? Any idea on specs and when we might expect it?

  15. torchatlas

    What's the fate of the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile apps on Windows as of now?

  16. michael_goff

    When do we expect Microsoft to fully remove EdgeHTML from Windows 10 and move the Store Apps over to the new Edge?

  17. thrustbucket

    I have a theory that Microsoft has planned it's Series X chip design in a way that many chips that don't bin for series X will end up as Lockhart chips. This explains why Lockhart exists in the first place when it looks to be roughly the same power as Xbox One X. It also may explain why they have not officially announced Lockhart - because they need a better idea of chip yields, which they can't know until production is fully underway. Is this plausible to you?

  18. abrankar

    How do you think is MS going to include Xcloud Into gamepass? Will they add it to Ultimate or will they create an extra tier for it?

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