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  1. KingNerdTheThird

    If I think that the Andromeda device covers a need of mine (pocket notebook) will it make sense to buy it? Microsoft thinks it'll be a niche device but if I think I'm in that niche is it not entirely stupid to put money into it?

  2. adamcorbally

    Paul reported late last year that PWA support would be showing up soon, have you heard anything about this, are they still arriving in this development cycle?

  3. adamcorbally

    Why are MS so slow? Google, Apple and Amazon constantly outpace them even when Microsoft start first (hololens) or at least strongly (Cortana)?

    Even projects on established product types such as a browser (edge) or a to-do list are still not finished, polished or barely functional (good luck using a Facebook login on sites)

    Is it a culture problem at Microsoft - they don't seem to have any drive or fight anymore? or is it that they can no longer attract the best people?

    And before anybody says it's an enterprise company well sorry But the office products are getting more and more unstable with each release

    • yaddamaster

      In reply to adamcorbally:

      Yeah - I'd like to hear Paul and Brad's take on this. I'm tired of hearing about all the money spent on R&D features that never make the light of day while products like Invoke and Cortana just languish.

      And I too am weary of the "it's an enterprise company" response. If you don't get how important the consumer space is and are satisfied with MS becoming the next IBM then I frankly don't want t even talk.

  4. ezraward

    Are there going to be Snapdragon 6xx/4xx Windows PCs? While the Snadragon 835 PCs are nice, they seem to be only able to compete on battery life, seeing that performance is pretty low end. Are we going to see Snapdragon-based PCs hitting lower price points?

  5. MrPKI

    After CES, are we now going to see Amazon Alexa on the XBox?

    (asking for a friend)

  6. Darekmeridian

    When are Thurrott coffee mugs going to be back in stock in the store?

    Mine broke about 2 weeks ago and my life has been off-kilter ever since.?

  7. kj_pda

    Cortana invoke and features. How come there is not Skype (AI) bot features in Cortana. Will these Skype features every make it to Cortana?

    Microsoft mixed reality updates. Any new games features coming to windows MR?

  8. seapea

    Windows Movie Maker does not support MP4 files (I had created them doing screen recording of a work process).

    Any equivalent free-to-use software that will do basic captioning?

  9. redstar92

    Hey did you hear anything about amazon/hbo/etc... making their video apps available on windows 10 and not just on xbox

  10. jrczekaj

    With the abandonment of net neutrality, how important is it for home users to invest in VPN software for their devices and do you have any recommendations on which VPN software to use?

  11. Shawn Moshier

    Any reaction to Fuchsia? How it may impact consumer PC market? Seems to highlight the impact of losing out on the mobile piece of the pie.

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