Questions for 1/28?


Drop them here.

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  1. mrpki

    Since there are not many questions any more, I thought I would end the week with two different ones.

    First: gaming and Halo is a hot topic. They keep changing the microtransaction pricing, but are they actually getting any uptake in players buying armor upgrades at these high prices?

    Second: Why is Lenovo not enabling Pluton by default? Will there be any adoption if it is not enabled by default?

  2. Stewy13

    Hey Brad!

    Curious if you know if there is any sort of timeline for XBox Game Pass coming to Android TV devices such as Chromecasts? Seems odd that other streaming solutions have made their apps available on the platform but Microsoft hasn't, especially after this much time..

    Given that the goal for Game Pass is for games on the devices you already own, do you think they will consider developing an app for devices like the Oculus Quest 2? Currently the webapp solution doesn't work and the few workarounds that exist are far from an ideal experience.


  3. ngc224

    Any thoughts about that developer trying to put Windows on the Duo?

  4. lindhartsen

    Since it's been a few weeks since the tweet, any ideas what problems Android app support on Windows solves?

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