Questions for 1 29?


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  1. ericmeetsworld

    Any updates/rumors on EA Play being added to Xbox Game Subscription Pass?

  2. jamief

    do you play destiny 2? if so, what are your thoughts on the state of the game?

  3. anoldamigauser

    Did not get this one in on time last week, so here goes:

    Considering that the use case for the Duo is more PDA than phone, do you think the larger Neo, running either Windows 10X or Android would be better received since it would clearly be "not a phone", by virtue of size. Microsoft can say the Duo is not a phone, but its size makes it "not (but semi, sorta, kind of) a phone"?

    Something straddling the PDA/computer line is more interesting to me than something that poorly straddles the PDA/phone line, since I would still need a phone to have a satisfactory phone experience.

  4. shark47

    Any chance that Microsoft buys one or more non-gaming consumer-focused companies in 2021?

  5. thegb0077

    What do you think about the possibility of giving away an extra "objectively good" game every month only for gamepass ultimate members, so that regular Gold members get 4 games and GPU members 5 games, in which the additional title becomes the stand out. Do you think this could accelerate the process of conversion Gold to Gamepass Ultimate?

  6. mooncakes

    What do you think about MS buying public companies game studos, people have mostly focused on private companies but never public because it's more difficult. I don't think it's impossible and with Amzon, Tencent and Google out there I don't think it will stop them too, which public company do you think MS could buy.

    Another question, what do you think about MS putting in a lot more publishers into Game Pass like with EA Play and the rumoured Uplay+. I think it's a smart move because companies like EA can put their old games that don't sell anymore in there and get a monthly fee from Game Pass. For example EA/Ubi could make a deal with MS that they get $.50 for ever user in Game Pass every month, which would add up considering how many subs Game Pass has, and how it's just going going up and up.

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    a couple of Q&A's ago you mentioned that during the holiday season you were dabbling in learning animation. Did you do it via an online course, and if so, which course provider?

    I have a feeling that this could be a future sponsor of the podcast. :)