Questions for 1/31?


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  1. Willian Martins

    I promise this will be the last time I ask this, but I'm really eager to know... Will Microsoft save everything about Xbox Series X for E3?

  2. davejramos

    Dave here

    It was such a treat when Microsoft gave Richard Leadbetter early access to dive deep into the details of Xbox One X. The nitty gritty details that came from Digital Foundry's breakdown were simply awesome.

    Have you heard any rumors of Microsoft's strategy for how they will reveal the hardware details this time around?


  3. Dataminer49er

    Hi Brad, was wondering if there was any news on Microsoft's hybrid solution to game streaming, which may have been relate to projects outatime and kahawai. It seems once microsoft starts releasing next gen exclusives, they may give xbox one owners the option to stream them, using the local hardware to cut down on latency and bandwidth usage.

  4. wbaggerly

    Hi Brad. I hope you are having a spectacular Friday.

    I was curious if you had the opportunity to test the new Edge Beta for ARM64 on your Surface Pro X. If so, what are your thoughts so far?

    Did you happen to catch The Verge's Dieter Bohn's article/video, "Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is the world’s most extravagant Chromebook"? He had some interesting comments about the new ARM version of Edge.



  5. jnbck

    Hi Brad in your opinion do you see the either Neo or Duo outpacing the other? Maybe see them as complementary? I could see the Android app support being a huge plus in the smaller device. Is either device going to be dockable? Will they allow multi external screen support, or casting, other? If so, is the version of Windows 10 on the Neo going to be feature-rich enough to be a desktop replacement?

  6. redstar92

    Brad hope you are well! Rich Woods mentioned that there may be a new kindle windows 10 app in making. Anything you heard about that? Also any updates on xcloud on windows?

  7. Usman

    The major reason for purchasing the elite and elite v2 controllers were because of the paddles and it was a first party option instead of buying a scuf controller.

    With Sony offering a cost effective attachment for DS4 and the DS5 having two buttons on the back by default, do you think Microsoft will do something similar that's more value oriented than the Elite controller?

  8. stevestar88

    Hey Brad, lots today:

    What's the future for Console Companion game streaming? I actually get much much better performance doing that vs gamepass console streaming.

    Thoughts on if we'll see a Ryzen 4000 SB3? Might be disappointing if MSFT sticks w Intel only and 4 cores.

    Just some friendly feedback (you dont have to read for the video): I don't prefer the one line headline video openers, much prefer the organic "Brad here, back again".

    Keep doing good things Brad :)

  9. Pulagatha

    With Qualcomm having more of a presence in the market, they are introducing budget processors like the 7CX. Apple is already so far ahead with processors, is Microsoft going to do anything to be more competitive with Apple on this front, more so than the SQ1? How do you think the industry is going to change regarding tablets replacing laptops and the effect it will have on the OEMs?

  10. Ingiomar Martina

    When do you think we will get official info on Lockhart? Do you know anything new?

  11. Kudupa

    Hey Brad,

    1) Why MS delayed their Surface earbuds? Are they redesigning them after initial negative opinions?

    2) Do you have any idea about how much the Surface Duo might cost?

  12. rlbaker

    Hey Brad,

    Greetings from Switzerland ?

    In continuing the recent bromance with AMD, do you think Microsoft will offer dual processor types (similar to the Surface Laptop) for the upcoming Surface Book 3? EG: Intel for the 13.5" and AMD for the 15"?

  13. davejramos

    Hi Brad, Dave here!

    With the release of the official build of (Chr)Edge , I have two questions. 

    (1) I was originally excited to download the official Microsoft Edge build that was recently released. However, I've had a thought. What is the downside of simply sticking with the Edge Dev Channel? I'm guessing they can sit side-by-side and I can keep on using the Dev Channel without issue ...

    (2) Regarding 'Installing Sites as Apps' with (Chr)Edge, what's the easiest way to migrate all my PWA/'Installed Sites' from DEV to PROD? Does a path exist?

    PS: I know it has already been long decided that the nickname for Chromium Edge would be (Chr)Edge, but I am more of a fan of Edge'ium. The marvelous #MaryJoFoley and team (Chr)Edge won that one. 

  14. thrustbucket

    Using a percent, how certain are you that we will see Lockhart this year?

  15. abrankar

    Do you see a future where Microsoft ditches Xbox Live subscription, making it free to play online on Xbox consoles? I ask this because Xcloud may change the way Microsoft approaches online play, for example, once Xcloud comes out of preview, will i need Xbox live to play online? Or will that be included in the subscription?

  16. robertjclark1

    Any rumors of when a Surface Book 3 might arrive and new specs? My Book 2 is 2 1/2 years old now.

  17. yoshi

    I know it's the end of a generation, but it's still concerning to see the low numbers for Xbox reported this week in the earnings. Do you think Xbox fans should be nervous that Microsoft may ditch this business? Or do you see Game Pass being lucrative enough for Microsoft to keep gaming and the Xbox brand alive?