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  1. MrPKI

    After all the drama of the ports on the new XBox Series X, do you believe the availability or number of HDMI or USB ports will ACTUALLY affect any consumer choices whether to buy the new XBox or switch to Sony Playstation?

  2. corey_mccowan

    Have you heard any plans for Microsoft to implement Chromecast support for Xbox? With the switch to Chromium Edge this would make sense to have as a feature.

  3. thrustbucket

    It's been stated by several sources that the new high speed storage in next gen consoles is going to be heavily relied on for games in a number of ways that will solve data streaming issues often encountered with spindle drives. What do you think this means for storage expansion options, especially with what you revealed about ports? Would it not be smart to have maybe even a proprietary external storage port? Also, do you think the internal SSD will be soldered? 

  4. drunken geit

    Seeing as how CES is more or less over is there something that really surprised you (in a good or bad way) and what if any future technology are you looking forward to seeing this year.

  5. psychoker

    Hey Brad, i am so sorry but i have a few questions:

    1. Do you think that MS is going to replace as many off google apps as they can on the Surface Duo?

    2. Do you think that MS is going to have a sort of Apple Pay / Google Pay with the new password manager, because you could also save credit cards and adresses.

    3. How safe do you think is the built in password manager in the new Edge

    4.Do you think that the built in password manager will be replaced with the new one

    Have a great day ✌️

  6. seattlemike

    Brad, you've been talking a lot lately about purchasing a new TV for (whenever you finish) your basement. :) You've mentioned not wanting to buy an OLED TV. Why Not? I've recently purchased one and it's life changing.

    Also, what do you look for in the latest TV Tech?

    Thank you!

  7. DYReclined

    Hi Brad. Do you think Microsoft will bring the Movies and TV app to Android with the introduction of Surface Duo? Thanks! Mark

  8. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    in regards to the number of ports on the back of the Series X, you mentioned in your most recent video that this was not the final design, and changes may occur between now and when the console goes into mass production. How likely is this design going to be the final design, and if there is a possibility of change, where or who do people need to contact to make their request be known? I've read a lot of comments about the design, and how people are unhappy that for example an HDMI In port won't be included.

  9. pk driven

    Hey Brad,

    With AMD strong focus on mobile (laptops) CPU at this years CES do you expect more AMD chips make their way to Surface devices?

    We saw it already with the Surface Laptop 3, but I'm curious to see if you think an AMD powered Surface Book or Surface Pro is the next logical step.

    Also, probably a stretch, but do you think AMD Smartshift technology will be incorporated into the Xbox Series X?

    Keep up the awesome work!

  10. stevesloc

    Hi Brad,

    I missed the chance to get out of the Windows Insider Program on the last update. With the change to the program, when will I be able to get off the train?

  11. bart

    Hello Brad,

    Last week in the Sams Report you mentioned Microsoft's upcoming "life services", as in plural.

    Teams for Life was rumored, any other you can talk about?

  12. gowtham_jeyabalan

    With all Big Tech Entering (Personal)Finance Market, Do you think Microsoft has some plans in regards to this in its upcoming Microsoft 365 consumer Bundle?

  13. gowtham_jeyabalan

    Also Do you think the Upcoming Surface Duo has any holographic abilities in it as teased by Panos himself ?

  14. tripleplayed

    Will the Series X have the same UI as the Xbox One or will it be different?

  15. jlv632

    Do you know if Microsoft once used the code name "Juggernaut Alpha" as a product name internally? If so, do you know what it was? I do have a copy of your book on my Kindle, I'm yet to read it but doing a search for the term yielded no results.